WhatsApp Launches New Business App

The global communications brand, which boasts an average of 1.3 billion active monthly users, has recently announced the release of its new business-focused app. The new product aims to provide a more streamlined web of communication for small businesses around the globe. After revealing breadcrumbs of information for the last year, the company has finally released WhatsApp Business along with a detailed list of all its features. Here’s a look at what business owners can expect from the new app.

The key focus of developers was to utilise the same streamlined communication features that users of WhatsApp have become accustomed to but apply them to an interface designed for business owners and professionals. The new app allows users that have a personal number and a business number to use both simultaneously from the same device. This is just one of the new features that will help businesses improve communication.

Business profiles

One of the key features of WhatsApp Business is the ability for companies to create unique profiles. Much like the profiles found on Google, these will provide customers with all of the essential information about the business such as location, contact details and web address.

Smart messaging

In order to help companies engage with more consumers even when no one is available, the new app will feature smart messaging features that will send out replies automatically. Greeting messages will provide new customers with essential information and automatic replies will inform them when a brand is unavailable.

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