Press Release: Adbits Moves Into Cocoon Global To Support Growth

Press Release: Adbits Moves Into Cocoon Global To Support Growth

Adbits October 11, 2019

Press Release: Adbits Moves Into Cocoon Global To Support Growth

London, 5 August 2019 – Adbits, today announced their office relocation to Cocoon Global to accommodate the rapid growth and future expansion plans for its Blockchain, AI and Custom Business Applications.

Adbits is pleased to announce the relocation to their HQ at the Cocoon Global. Located in London, near Liverpool Street. The new office space will host the business units that will focus on the product, and business development on the emerging technologies such as AI, Blockchain, IoT and other custom applications. The new office space provides capacity for subject matter experts, engineering, sales and services, customer support, and leadership functions across the entity. The new experience centre enables Adbits to showcase its solutions and products to potential and existing clients and contributes to the general understanding of the added value using custom application services.

“We were fortunate to find such a nice and well-served space at the Cocoon
Global. We really wanted to move to a place where we could have an ecosystem of other tech companies, and investors. I don’t think we could have found a better location for our team. Our new location and enhanced operational efficiencies will help us continue to grow and develop to keep pace with our clients’ needs, allowing us to provide exceptional value and superior service along the way,”
 said Zeeshan Khan, CEO of Adbits.

Cocoon Global is the first Chinese capital-backed platform with extensive networks in both China and the UK. They are one of Europe’s largest office spaces, bringing together the brightest startups and facilitating the exchange of technology ideas across cultures.

Adbits is working on Fintech and Proptech solutions and exploring ways how Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence can solve some of the key challenges in this industry. Adbits works with industry leading IoT manufacturers and build an innovative, fully integrated and scalable solution which brings efficiency and reduce wastage for the clients.


Adbits is a global software and IT solutions company focusing on the Emerging Technology and Digital Transformation. Our company has emerged as one of the most trustworthy and reliable solutions providers in  the cryptocurrency, technology, and IT industry. We provide customers with an intelligent balance between innovation, performance, excellence, scalability and reliability.

We totally believe in no-nonsense approach while giving a solution to our customers. We also specialise in start-up support, help businesses with funding by introducing to the top investors and refine their business idea.

Experts at Adbits are constantly pushing the envelope when it comes to innovative ideas for marketing. We take pride in keeping ourselves
abreast with latest trends in the business and digital technologies. Our team
comprises dedicated and hardworking professionals both in technology and
finance, who are well versed in their field of expertise. We are driven by
results and our focus is to increase the ROI for our clients.

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