How Mobile App Can Help Restaurant And Cafe Businesses Grow

How Mobile App Can Help Restaurant And Cafe Businesses Grow

Adbits October 11, 2019


In a fast-paced world, where customers are the decision makers, the competition gets stiffer, keeping up with the changing trends is a need of the hour. Many businesses invest heavily in building websites, but think for a second – Is your website solely capable of improving foot-traffic to your restaurant business? According to a research, businesses spend 5 times more on customer acquisition than customer retention. To maintain a successful restaurant business, it is very important to cultivate valuable relationships with loyal customers and generate repeat business. How about a solution where you have a direct communication with your loyal customers and know their behavior? Having a mobile app for your business can aid customer loyalty, increase repeat business and reduce marketing costs drastically. With a well-designed mobile app, you can create your own brand image and connect with the customers, gain informative insights on the customer’s buying habits.

Here are some of the key reasons why a restaurant, café, takeaway or bar should have their own branded app

  • Mobile Food Ordering: Food ordering system enables managers to upload menu, which allows a direct channel for customers to order their food with options for delivery, collection or dine-in during the ordering process. Payment options can be flexible, which can be on delivery, collection or card payments through secured hosting. Customers can also check their previous orders and repeat the order in the future if needed. An expensive charge for every transaction from 3rd party websites like Just Eat, Hungryhouse, can also be saved with your own ordering system.
  • Geo-Fencing: Target customers near your business can get push notifications and updates regarding latest offers, current specials, and limited time discounts for local customers. This helps in increasing foot traffic to your restaurant and also creates a great advantage over your local competitors.
  • Table Reservations: Allowing customers to reserve tables at their favorite restaurant with a few clicks can increase overall bookings. Building in a reservation system into their own mobile app can make this possible and reduce calls to the restaurant, especially during busy times. Customers can simply pick their date, time and specify how many guests and they are booked in! Alternatively, your existing online reservation system can be integrated into your app.
  • Push Notifications: Having unlimited push notifications enables your business to always stay on top of the mind choice for customers, and increases brand loyalty. Push notifications also enhance the brand equity by sending your customers a festive message and an offer enclosed, customers will trust the brand and stay loyal. Also, it helps in staying in the memory of the customer, as the app logo can be easily recognized and be at the eye level for the customer, even if they aren’t logging in, they’re sure to remember your brand and what you offer, it also aids in increased sales amongst the youth as smartphones have become an integral part, and constantly checking for notifications has become a habit.
  • Photo Gallery: Put up the best pictures of your new menu and even if your customer’s not hungry, they sure would feel after seeing scrumptious delicacies your business has to offer. You can also upload pictures from events, users can also upload pictures from Instagram, this makes your customers more engaged with your app and spread the word about your business.

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