Mobile App that every Theme Park requires during Covid-19

Mobile App that every Theme Park requires during Covid-19

Adbits August 1, 2020

How to build an engaging Mobile App For Theme Parks

The solution for attractions.

“Our research proves that apps are becoming essential to the enjoyment of a park but that visitors will only download them if they contain valuable functionality,” explains Mel Taylor, CEO, Omnico. “Park operators with poorly-designed, clunky apps that don’t supercharge convenience risk losing out on substantial revenues from tech-savvy consumers.”

70% of US amusement park visitors choose not to buy food and beverages at a park because of the lines. According to one study from The Thinkwell Group, 67% of visitors want more mobile integration during theme park experiences.

With 258 billion annual downloads in mobile applications, Many of the world’s leading brands are now engaging with their guests via mobile apps which have resulted to double-digit improvements in visitor satisfaction to handling millions of dollars in revenue from guests.
Despite the buzz, it has been found that only 17% of these attractions offer such seamless user experiences. Howbeit, 95% of the visitors have mobile devices, why not use them for your business? It is not the time yet to make paper maps “a thing from the past”?

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App for theme parks

How Digital Transformation has ramped up the expectations

There is no doubt that the term “app” has become a buzzword over the last few years, and it’s easy to see why. Since the advent of the smartphones, modern mobile devices are able to connect to the internet which has validated our real time existence and have provided comprehensible user experiences.

For an overall upgradation in the quality of service to be provided by these attractions, the intent should be to widen the objectives of business including cross departmental involvements and shift the boundaries.

These mobile applications shall identify to appease and substantiate the journey of a guest on an individual level. Furthermore, it shall help understand the motion behaviours to analyse and tap on the psychological intents as a part of a wholesome business agenda.

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Support Social Distancing

  • Respond to the challenges of operating safely whilst COVID-19 social distancing measures remain in place.
  • Equip your guests with a branded mobile app that removes queuing, eliminates common physical points and supports cashless payments.

Digital Ticketing

  • Faster check-ins, enhancing the immediate need of social distancing with the elimination of queuing up.
  • Reduced chance of identity loss with an additional information in the database.
  • E-ticket history allows instant access to the previous purchased tickets as well as the access to the membership passes, if any.
  • Drastically reduces the need of paper at the event.

Skip lines and know your number

  • Hassle free experience by “relieving the headache” of queues specially in this coronavirus pandemic.
  • Dynamic spot suggestion to reduce clutter.
  • Allowing multiple expenses by joining the virtual queue.

Events/ Shows

  • Promotion of the ongoing and upcoming shows.
  • Reminder setting ability so as the user does not miss out on any.
  • Checks for slot availability and pricing details corresponding to dates with in-house special offers.
Food Ordering
  • Enable your guests to browse menus, place their orders and pay for food via your mobile app. With built-in support for up-sells,
  • cross-sells and abandoned cart recovery — you’ll enjoy more revenue, too!
  • Overcome social distancing and hygiene challenges by removing queuing and reducing interactions with staff or communal self-serve kiosks.
  • Intelligent offers.

Customer Support

  • Power up your business with real-time communication and resolve queries.
  • Enhanced customer loyalty with increased sales.

Here’s why : Reasons to consider

  • Brand Exposure Increased Visibility
    Harnessing customer data, push notifications to provide relevant offers to add real value. They cannot fail to enhance guests’ experience of your attraction, and their relationship with your brand.
  • Customer Loyalty and Behavior Analytics
    Apps can create the best possible visitor experience, which encourages positive reviews, social shares, and new and repeat bookings. Even a word of mouth can be an important drive.
  • Boosted Sales and Revenue
    This is a win-win: visitors won’t have to wait to get food and drinks and you’ll increase your revenue, as people will be less likely to avoid buying things because of lines.
  • Multilevel Promotion
    Alert your guests to upcoming presentations, entertainment and other events.
  • Improved User Experience
    “The first thing you want is for everyone to pull out their phone and take a picture. That recognises they are engaged with the experience.”
  • Cost Reduction
    Minimise the need for printed guides, maps, tickets and menus, cutting your print and production costs, and supporting your environmental goals.
  • Social Distancing
    Respond to the challenges of operating safely whilst COVID-19 social distancing measures remain in place. Equip your guests with a branded mobile app that removes queuing, eliminates common physical points and supports cashless payments.

Are you still thinking ?

The success of mobile applications is already halfway through with effective customer-engagement platforms and meeting their expectations of keeping ‘theme-park-in-their-pocket’ This shall provide sustained revenue-increases if visitors are recognised as individuals at every touchpoint and the level of interaction is highly personalised. It is all about data-driven marketing and operational decisions based on facts, not theories. So why not eliminate these friction points and frustrations with a single tap that seeks to unlock newer revenue streams ? Irresistibility is the key !
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