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Cryptocurrency has become a global phenomenon. In 2018, you will be hard-pressed to find anyone who hasn’t heard of or considered investing/trading Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency in some capacity.

Cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that uses cryptography to secure its transactions, to control the creation of additional units, and to verify the transfer of assets. Bitcoin, created in 2008, was the first decentralized cryptocurrency.Since then, numerous other cryptocurrencies have been created with various development algorithms serving the same purpose. Bitcoin and its derivatives use decentralized control as opposed to centralized electronic money and central banking systems. The decentralized control is related to the use of bitcoin’s blockchain transaction database in the role of a distributed ledger.


Most cryptocurrencies are developed on what’s known as a blockchain. Blockchain technology offers a way for untrusted parties to reach an agreement on a common digital history (or ledger) without using a 3rd party. A common digital history is important because digital assets and transactions are in theory easily faked and/or duplicated. In essence, blockchain technology was created as a sophisticated way to prevent digital transactions from being faked or duplicated, without the need for merchants like Visa or MasterCard as an intermediary.





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Our Cryptocurrency
Development Services

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

Adbits can help clients who are looking to develop their own crypto wallet.With the rapid digitalization in transactions, the need for cryptocurrency wallets is a rising trend. We develop highly secure wallets that enable seamless, secure transactions via private and public keys to store, receive,and transfer cryptocurrency. We also develop web and mobile apps that let you access your crypto wallet online.

Cryptocoin Creation

Adbits develops cryptocoins based on a highly secure, scalable and optimized blockchain using industry-leading practices in encryption, security and ease of processing transactions.Each cryptocurrency is designed using the latest algorithms, as specified by the client.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Development

Adbits can help develop fully customized, secure cryptocurrency exchange which can be adapted to suit all your requirements: regulatory compliance, custom risk management, ultra-high throughput order matching, AML/KYC integration, hot and cold electronic wallets (online and offline storage), back-end accounting integration, custom reporting, clean, modern, professional user interfaces for web and mobile apps, payment integrations, physical card and CRM integration.

Blockchain Development

We leverage the power of the blockchain to develop a wide range of applications for consumer and/or business use. A wide range of industries are ripe for disruption using blockchain powered applications and we can develop industry-specific solutions tailored to our client’s use case

Smart Contracts Audit

Security misbehaviour, flaws, and inefficiency are very costly when you launch a Smart Contract to the Blockchain. We can assist in code audits for Smart Contract executions to ensure they are safe and work according to the purpose.

Smart Contracts Development

To automate enforcement in RootStock and Ethereum we implement smart contracts. We can code your smart contracts securely or develop application layers on top of the Ethereum blockchain.


Adbits can help you launch your Initial Coin Offering(ICO) or help you create a token sale to fund product or company ideas.


Develop private blockchains on a Hyperledger for a wide variety of industries including Financial, Retail,Crowdfunding, Healthcare, Real Estate, Construction, Manufacturing, etc.


As experts in designing, implementing and running blockchain technology, Adbits can conduct training sessions for businesses of all sizes in the use of the blockchain for various business applications relevant to their industry.

Cryptocoin Mining

Mining is the automated process that ensures transaction verification and adds it to the public ledger. Adbits facilitates users with the right combination of hardware and software tools to mine the cryptocurrency of their choice (including coins we build for our clients). We consult on and design the appropriate hardware platforms required to generate positive ROI on mining operations.


Our Cryptocurrency
Development Services



Professional service firms and insurers must invest in Blockchain solutions.Precisely because Blockchain technology in finance will reduce transaction costs among all participants in the economy. Blockchain will also support models of peer-to-peer mass collaboration.


By using blockchain technology for healthcare you can track every transaction that happens between drug manufacturers, patients, pharmacists, and wholesalers.This helps healthcare industry verify and secure drug product information. On record sharing, usage of blockchain development will help improve and authenticate the health records.


Banking sector can use Blockchain technology to involve intra-bank cross-border transfers. Also for cross-border remittances and corporate payments. The other promising advantages that banking sectors can procure by deploying Blockchain technology are, lower the costs, quicker settlements, fewer errors, and beneficial new revenue opportunities. You will also hold defined rights, obligations, controls, and standards. Closely knitted to efficient and quick on-boarding process.


With Blockchain technology, real estates can swiftly connect sellers and buyers. Can introduce new ways to trade real estate by enabling trading platforms and online marketplaces to support real estate transactions more comprehensively. Also enhances real estate and rental property transaction. Stay away from lawyers, brokers, and banks within the real estate ecosystem. No intermediates henceforth.


Within the charity organisations, most common complaints include inefficiency and corruption, which prevent money from reaching those that are meant to have it. Using Blockchain Technology to track donations can let you be sure your money is going to end up in the right hands. Cryptocurrency-based charities use blockchain’s secure and transparent distributed ledger to let donors see that the intended party has received the funds.


If your industry deals with data or transactions of any kind, then it is a field that is likely to be impacted by Blockchain Technology. The space in this technology is wide open and the opportunities are many. So why not become a pioneer in your industry and open door for more opportunities.

We also develop ICO / STO / ETO


Initial coin offerings (ICOs) — sometimes called token generation events (TGEs) — are fundamentally changing the nature of early seed fundraising, and they have the potential to alter the mainstream investment ecosystem itself. Through ICOs, start-ups can raise capital by issuing crypto tokens on a blockchain, most commonly that of Ethereum, and sell them to investors or contributors.


If a crypto token derives its value from an external, tradable asset, it is classified as a security token and becomes subject to federal securities regulations. Failure to abide by these regulations could result in costly penalties and could threaten to derail a project. However, if a startup meets all its regulatory obligations, the security token classification creates the potential for a wide variety of applications, the most promising of which is the ability to issue tokens that represent shares of company stock


Equity tokens are a subcategory of security tokens that represent ownership of an asset, such as debt or company stock. By employing blockchain technology and smart contracts, a startup could forgo a traditional initial public offering (IPO) and instead issue shares and voting rights over the blockchain. Additionally, a lender could create tokens that represent debt owned by the company, enabling loans to be bought and sold in a high-liquidity environment.

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