TOP Equity Token Offering Developers to tokenise and raise funds for your business

Equity Token Offering allows companies to offer equity to investors for sale in the form of equity tokens. ETO is a hybrid investment model which allows the benefit of an IPO, ICO and VC rounds. Going public and reaching investors with an IPO or ETO allows businesses to further raise capital to expand their business. 

Equity Tokens guarantee crucial equity-like rights for the investors and the issuers. Advantages for potential investors are exactly the same as on a traditional stock exchange including a payout of a dividend and legal protection of the investors and issuer similar to classical forms of equity investing. Businesses looking to sell equity through ETO route may subject themselves to due diligence by a third-party regulatory authority or investment bank in order to prove that they are a sound investment.  

So why Tokenise your Equity over IPO?

Tokenization of your equity is more cost and time effective both for issuers and potential investors. Going public using IPO can take anywhere from six months to over a year to complete depending on the company and its advisors. Projected costs could be easily from $ 100 000 to over few million. Tokenizing a business using ETO is much more cheaper, quicker and easily managed.

  • Casting a ballot rights
  • Mechanized profits
  • Buyback rights
  • Benefit share rights
  • Possessions in another store, lastly
  • Income


Automated Dividends

The profits from the ventures will be consequently moved to the financial specialist's wallet. The wallet is made sure about the dividends to pay automatically.

Voting rights

Like the investors, the value token holders reserve the option to cast a ballot in the choices of the organization, henceforth guaranteeing straightforwardness.

Profit share rights

You can impart the benefits of the organization to the token holders as tokens, by legitimately keeping into the financial specialist's wallet.

Buyback rights

The organization purchases the offers from the financial specialists at the market cost, consequently re-engrossing piece of the possession disseminated to the speculators.

Cash flow

The organization's income per share is on the shrewd agreement, making it permanent. The organization can be straightforward about its profit, per token, with its financial specialists.

Holdings in another fund

The value tokens can be saved into a reserve or with an overseer administration who can deal with or fence the assets in a proficient manner.

Features of Equity Tokens

Our gathering of experienced blockchain and cryptographic cash architects make tokens for your Underlying Trade Contributions. After the improvement of the tokens, our development gathering will work with the exchanges and overview your tokens through the tangled technique.

Programmable Equity

The digitized value tokens permit you to assume responsibility for illiquid resource into a value issuance through a programmable code.

Regulatory Compliance

We will manufacture SEC consistent tokens and help you in helping with respect to security laws in your purview.


Dilutable value tokens expanding the liquidity for the financial specialists. Be that as it may, you can set a lock-in time of 1 year from the day of Value Token Contribution

Secure Wallet

The Wallet is planned as a multi-signature, multi-gadget wallet on a blockchain with an elliptic bend cryptography, which makes the capacity of assets secure.

Global Capital Investment

The value tokens give trust and unwavering quality to institutional financial specialists to join in the crypto-advertise, prompting a bigger pool of capital venture.

Greater market efficiency

Give confirmation to speculators its conspicuous structure and its associated innovative headway, prompting financial specialists picking up trust and their interest in the venture.

No Intermediaries

There are no mediators between the organization and financial specialists, consequently lessening the expense of commissions for the broker.

Own Blockchain

The value tokens are created all alone blockchain, in this manner giving full control to you. No more stresses of gas costs and changes in convention or guidelines.

Backend Dashboard

A complete backend board for you to manage retail and institutional monetary experts, for instance, benefits, buybacks and assertions.

History is Boring! But numbers aren't!

Ideation/ White paper creation

We have brainstorming sessions with our team to finalize the best content to present in the whitepaper.

Token Development

Using our expertise in token development services, we develop tokens in different blockchains for your project..

Pre-IEO marketing Services

Create a hype before the tokens are listed for the project to have traction during the Initial Exchange Offerings.

Listing services

We have an expert development team who work with the technical team of top Cryptocurrency Exchanges for listing tokens.

FOMO Creation using PR to generate demand on exchanges

Create hype among the investors before and after IEO by regular press releases, updates of your projects, thereby, increasing the demand for the tokens.

Types of Equity Tokens

Dilutable Tokens

You can approve to make a ton of stock, nonetheless, discharge on a piece of it to the financial specialists and investors. The remaining unissued stocks can be utilized for later deal. Just when all unissued shares are sold is the point at which the current investors have weakened their offers. The quantity of tokens speaks to the quantity of offers in the organization which is scratched on a brilliant agreement. As the organization develops the stake held by the financial specialist lessens, be that as it may, the stake is progressively significant.

Non-Dilutable Tokens

Every token is equivalent to a rate share on the organization until the end of time. The financial specialist holds the level of the organization, as long as the token is his/her wallet. The counter weakening premium is included as a protection, for the financial specialist to stay in the organization without weakening their benefits. This gives a chance to get a future incentive at the present. Dilutable value tokens are suggested over non-dilutable tokens.


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