Smart Fuel Monitoring System

Smart Fuel Monitoring System

Remote monitoring of diesel generator includes fuel consumption monitoring and monitoring of engine operating parameters. Such kind of monitoring helps to plan timely refueling and maintenance, also it is a good way to determine and prevent fuel thefts and generator breakdown.

AI & IoT Based Monitor Generator Fuel Tanks- Drive Down Your Cost, Fuel Theft

The Smart Fuel Monitoring System helps to Monitor fuel tank fueling and draining with taking the track of Machine Runtime, also Detect the fuel theft with Real-time alerting and keep the Cloud-based centralized monitoring, also keeping the records and showing Intuitive dashboard and export the data.

We introduce sensors on your generators to gather vital imperative data and send it to our IoT stage, by means of an entryway. Your information is then examined utilizing our profoundly prepared AI calculations, and the subsequent data is then conveyed to your cell phones. You can utilize the data for generator wellbeing check observing, programmed planning, and prescient upkeep.



DG Downtime


Fuel Theft


Unauthorized Use


No monitoring about uses and consumption


No data to optimize the fuel efficiency


Overload Costs


Our wireless IoT based Smart Fuel Monitoring and Management System can help you convert your genset into a SMART DG. The system records the quantity of fuel filled, fuel consumption of the generator, running hours etc.

Monitor from anywhere and everywhere
tick Stay connected with your DG sets 24 x 7 using the cloud application
tick Know your spending on fuel by having detailed analysis of fuel used, fuel filled and fuel removed!
tick Know if DG is running on optimal load
tick Know generator overlapping hours in case main power (grid power) is present
tick Generate/Export/Print reports & Integrate with your ERP such as SAP
tick Optional analysis / manual monitoring service


tick Centralized Monitoring
tick Security
tick Intuitive Dashboard
tick Real-Time Alerting
tick Efficiency Control
tick Fuel Monitoring and Pilferage Detection
tick Third-Party Applications
tick Automated Scheduling
tick Manage On the Go


Mobile Tower

Fleet Management


Construction Sites



Solar Power Plants

Benefits and Features OF Smart DG Monitoring System

tick Smart Remote Monitoring
tick Records Filled / Utilised Quantity
tick On / Off Status
tick Engine Run Hours
tick Web Service For Monitoring
tick Fuel Theft Alert
tick Fuel Economy Calculator
tick Energy Generated vs Fuel Consumed
tick KWH Monitoring / Energy Meter Interfacing
tick Generate Reports
tick Maintenance Schedules (Web)
tick Data Storage
tick Easy To Install
tick Customized for any Type of Tank
tick Integrate With ERP such as SAP

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