Initial Exchange Offering

Initial Exchange Offering, also referred to as IEO, is conducted on a platform of crypto currency exchange. IEO is administered by a crypto exchange on behalf of a startup that seeks to raise funds with its issued tokens. As the token sale is conducted on the crypto exchange, startups will have to pay the listing fee, plus percentage of tokens sold.  

IEO is often considered much more trustworthy, secure and safer than ICO as they are regulated and managed by already existing crypto-exchanges platforms like IDAX, LA Tokens and Binance. These regulated crypto exchanges make sure to carry out extensive due diligence before taking over any blockchain projects as they want to maintain their good reputation. The regulated exchange is responsible for handling funds, marketing, listing tokens and vetting investors hence the probability of scams, theft, and frauds are nearly negligent which are quite common with ICOs.

IEO mostly raises moderate funds for a project unlike ICO, which can even raise $1B. There is a possibility that companies may conduct both an ICO and an IEO.

IEO is much easier and budget-friendly in comparison to ICO for startups as most of the marketing and promotion of the fundraising campaign is done by the exchange platforms. In addition, the process of KYC/AML is also handled by the crypto exchange platforms diminishing the burden from the issuers. IEO is the new thriving and rapidly growing digital asset space in the crypto community.

At Adbits, we have the correct sort of understanding, group, and skill in creating and promoting tokens for your Initial Exchange Offering ventures. We can get you to begin your crowdfunding effort in a flash through our key associations with driving Cryptocurrency Exchanges.

How does it differ from ICO?

Fundraising Environment

In ICO, you need financial specialist and administrator dashboards to lead the raising money process. Be that as it may, in the event that you go with IEO, the raising money happens at the Exchange.


Exchanges will screen the projects and investors based on their parameters before launching on its platform reducing your cost of compliance.

Smart Contracts

You don't have to oversee brilliant agreements as you do in ICOs. The shrewd agreements are overseen by the Exchange.


KYC/AML administrations will be overseen by the trades itself, in this manner sparing time, cost and assets associated with loading up financial specialists.

IEO Development Services

Our group of experienced blockchain and cryptographic money designers make tokens for your Initial Exchange Offerings. After the improvement of the tokens, our innovation group will work with the trades and rundown your tokens through the convoluted procedure.

Coin or Token Creation

Make your own token in Ethereum, Stellar or EOS for your raising money crusade.

Exchange Listing

Partnerships with Top 20 Crypto-Exchanges such as Binance, IDAX, LA TOKEN & more.

Light paper

Synopsis of the undertaking encourages you to exhibit the venture in a brief way

White paper

Point by point outline of the venture to officially present to the financial specialists for raising assets.

Pitch deck

A short introduction about your IEO task to the financial specialists giving a fast review.

Wallet Services

Multi-Currency, Compatible, Secured Cryptocurrency wallet for safe stockpiling of tokens.

IEO Marketing Services

Our history with ICOs have helped us increase significant encounters in showcasing to the crypto-network and speculators. As an IEO Marketing Company, we have a specialist group with inventive creators, connecting with content scholars and driven SEO examiners making your task viral in the market. Our contributions has guaranteed that our customers can come to their softcap in this manner launching their ventures easily.

Website Development

Building up an adjustable, secure, easy to understand site to feature your mastery to your financial specialists.

Market Research

Proof based statistical surveying causes you to recognize target financial specialists, speculation openings and hazard.

Social Media Management

Making Brand mindfulness among the financial specialists with ordinary updates about your task.

Community Engagement

Give normal updates to your speculators and crypto-network gatherings like Bitcointalk.

Reputation Management

Keep up notoriety among the financial specialists through crypto-networks, message, and other internet based life channels.

Content Marketing

Making substance to connect with the crypto-network and financial specialists of your venture.

Press Releases

Solid PR Marketing efforts to improve brand esteem and draw in financial specialists through FOMO.

Email Marketing

Bulletins and Targeted Campaigns to expand the brand estimation of the undertaking among financial specialists.

Advantages of Initial Exchange Offering

Leveraging User Base

The primary preferred position of going with IEOs is the client base of the trades where the ventures are recorded dissimilar to in ICOs where the expense of showcasing is high.

REPUTATION & Credibility

Exchanges enforce regulations and guidelines that help to decide what kind of projects they will back. The financial specialists trust the raising support organizations because of the earlier checks by the trades. 


You don’t need to go through the tedious process of traditional listing of tokens in the exchange. The exchanges directly open the tokens to the vairious markets.

Free from KYC/AML

The exchanges take responsibility for KYC/AML to verify investors in the platform and this ensures that the background of every investor is safe.

How to initiate your IEO funding?

Ideation/ White paper creation

We have brainstorming sessions with our team to finalize the best content to present in the whitepaper.

Token Development

Using our expertise in token development services, we develop tokens in different blockchains for your project..

Pre-IEO marketing Services

Create a hype before the tokens are listed for the project to have traction during the Initial Exchange Offerings.

Listing services

We have an expert development team who work with the technical team of top Cryptocurrency Exchanges for listing tokens.

FOMO Creation using PR to generate demand on exchanges

Create hype among the investors before and after IEO by regular press releases, updates of your projects, thereby, increasing the demand for the tokens.

Fundraising Partners

We have a strategic partnership with some of the exchanges in the Crypto world.


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