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Real estate is a well-known pre-eminent asset class, which has the power to most impact national and international economies. In turns, this industry has and will continue to play a huge role in the global economy. Real estate market enables businesses to acquire plenty of investment opportunities. However, some issues might affect potential benefits. This is where blockchain comes in. Providing decentralization, transparency, and immutability, blockchain technology brings in several utilities into the real estate ecosystem, the most essential of which is Tokenization and Smart Contracts.

Adbits offers end-to-end blockchain development and management services as well as cryptocurrency development services giving the most trustworthy and reliable IT solutions for businesses.

Challenges Faced by
Real Estate Industry

High entering barriers

Expensive purchases make the real estate market inaccessible for low-wealthy investors.

Lack of transparency

Criminal transactions and dishonesty on the market can be eliminated by uniform ledger of blockchain technology due to responsible investment, cyber security and data protection.

High fees

Existence of intermediates makes investment more costly alongside additional fees.

Lack of Liquidity

Large transactions made among parties decline liquidity level of the market activity.

Slow transactions

Costly human work and paper-based record system complicate the land registry process.

Unreliable data

Lack of accuracy in land ownership records makes the system unpractical and riskier.

Standardization issue

A standardized platform will improve data searching and collection processes by incorporating all real estate properties listings under one site.

Management challenges

Constant need in professional development will be eliminated by a new platform which will automatically take into account all occurring new technologies as well as constant generational and demographic changes.

Real Estate Token Strategy

Real Estate and Asset Tokenization will change the way people invest in properties globally. The potential for strategizing by blockchain developers, legal and financial advisors is tremendous. At Adbits, we simplify the legal and practical issues with a team of Legal, Financial and Blockchain Consultants who ensure the tokens are legally compliant.

Our developers consistently consult with our subject matter experts on crowdfunding/securities, tax/accounting and real estate during the tokenization of the assets. SMEs guide our team in the development allowing you to raise funds within the regulatory framework.

Solutions in Tokenization
of Real Estate and Commercial


Non-Fungible Tokens

More detailed assets and ownership attributes


Automated Compliance

All information updates are available for each entitle.


Globalized KYC/AML

Contribution to data truthfulness and reliability within the system.


Multi-Ledger Asset Token Development

Each taken decision is agreed upon by a majority of the owners.


Records transparency

Stored data inside the blockchainis availablefor eachnetwork part and might be traced right to its very origin.



Self-executing contracts do not require any supervision and will force the joint-owners to be honest.


Smart contracts for payments

Avoidance of intermediaries alongside with a decline in administrative load.

Liquidity and access

Ability of instant liquidation tokens instead of waiting to sell a property.


Trustless and immutable

Identical records across multiple stakeholders case lets the ledger holds one single truth across the millions of nodes.

Why tokenizing
real estate
is beneficial?

tick Fractional ownership
tick Disintermediation
tick Greater portfolio diversification
tick Available database modification
among multiple entitles
tick High data protection
tick Automatized transactions

Collect Investment

Raise funds from public and private investors and seamlessly distribute shares of tokenized real estate investments you create.

Distribute Rent

Token contracts store information of all shareholder accounts, making it easy for Certified Partners to distribute generated rent payouts to 100s of investors.

Increase Liquidity

Investors can buy or sell shares of tokenized properties anytime. Trading is completely decentralized and peer-to-peer providing additional liquidity to real estate assets.

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