90% of the Startups and new projects fail due to

In the era of ideas and innovation, number of start-ups come into existence every day. Almost 90% of these disappear into the darkness of technical incompetency or financial disaster. Why? Just because most of the aspiring entrepreneurs fail to understand the importance of calculating some of the unpredictable challenges mentioned below:

• Poor planning and inviable business plan
• No need for the product or fierce industry competition
• Time management and unrealistic expectations
• Inaccurate business decisions, partnership and team selection
• Lack of knowledge about financial management or sales & marketing
• Lack of funding to run the business or scale up
• Not able to build partnerships and collaboration in the industry

At Adbits, we illuminate the hidden potential of our clients, help them refine their business plan, implement right technology for their swift growth and introduce top investors in the city. With our highly skilled professionals, we develop tailored services for start-ups to small to medium size businesses, introduce them to right people from the industry who can help them grow their business. We design scalable, flexible and highly meticulous strategies for our clients, enabling a greater reach in the market.

How it works


Send us your basic requirements

One of our consultants will contact you back within 24 hours for further communication


Sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement

If you have a great unique idea, with the help of NDA we make you feel secured. Signing an NDA assures the privacy of your idea and wouldn’t be leaked


Analysing your requirements

Once you have signed the NDA, we will analyze the requirements put forward by you. Our team of scrum masters will read and analyze the same, and will get back to you within few hours.


Project Proposal

Once our team is done with analyzing the project and compilation of necessary resources required for the project, we will get back to you with Estimated Budget/Cost and Estimated Time Required for completion of project successfully.


The world of business changes rapidly. Startup have to undergo various phases related to the business lifecycle. Business startup ideas like Uber and TaskRabbit have stood out in the crowd to become a reputed brand in the world of business through the following three vital startup lifecycle phases.

Kickoff Stage

Do you know how to start a business? Don’t worry, as we are fully capable of defining and devising an effective business strategy to help you get MVP (Minimum Viable Product) out in the market in a timely efficient manner. Here’s what we do to help you start a company

Validation and refinement of ideas.

Brainstorming sessions

Requirement gathering and analysis

Product discovery

Wire-framing and Prototyping

Development and design of MVP

Go-to-market strategy

Product Development

In addition to focusing on MVP, latest, technically solid, and time & cost efficient strategies are prepared and carried out for ensuring scalability. See below to know more about technically competent and essential of a business plan for growing any startup during the product development stage.

Performance optimization

Analytics and ameliorated engagement

Technical amelioration in architecture for scalability

DevOps support

Improvement in security

Complete usability assessment and improvement

Refinement and validation of idea

Growth Stage

We prefer to strive to seek and not to yield. SoftProdigy is a place where latest and accurate data oriented practices are carried out to perfection at growth stage for turning startups into and established brands in future through the following services and relevant custom technologies

Consumer satisfaction and retention

Conversion rate

Technical innovation and automated testing

Rapid staffing augmentation

Re-engineering of the product

Better user experience with Micro-interactions

Guidance on Compliances.

Why Adbits for Startups
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Adbits has helped businesses and startups into Marquee Brands through-Perfect strategic collaboration, effective communication, daily and weekly project reporting and ability to adapt to technical advancements quickly.

Availability of certified digital consultants, designers, QA Professionals and Scrum Masters with experience of more than 8 years.

Availability of certified digital consultants, designers, QA Professionals and Scrum Masters with experience of more than 8 years.


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